Interactions between players

Interactions between players on this server are based on respect and trust. Therefore, harassment, insults, deception etc. is not permitted.

Racism/sexism/homophobia or hate towards other players, glorification of violence and indecency will not be tolerated. This also includes usernames, skins and builds.

Fully automatic farms and AFK-farms are not allowed.

Modifications that give you an advantage over other players are forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to X-Ray and Fly.

Intensive livestock breeding is prohibited. It must be ensured, that animals have enough space. About two blocks for small animals like chickens and about four blocks for large animals like sheeps and cows.

Also, the use of a second account to gain an advantage is prohibited. This especially applies to letting farms grow while you do something somewhere else, but also getting more vote keys per day.

Chat behaviour

Spam, advertisements, insults and threads are forbidden.

Furthermore, using caps lock all the time is not desired.

Please use the /msg feature for private conversations.

Chat rules also apply to signs, banners and letterings.

Sharing weblinks in chat is forbidden.

Building rules

Unnatural landscaping must be avoided.

Buildings should be aesthetically pleasing.

To keep up the aesthetics of the server, “blocks” made out of Cobble or dirt and 1×1 towers are not permitted. Please do your best to build something nice. Feel free to ask others for help.

Redstone Clocks are not permitted.

Trees have to be cut down completely.

Deep holes have to be secured or closed.